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Beyond Grief: Sculpture and Wonder in the Gilded Age Cemetery

By Cynthia Mills

book cover

The First Smithsonian Collection: The European Engravings of George Perkins Marsh and the Role of Prints in the U.S. National Museum

Helena E. Wright

In 1849 the Smithsonian purchased the Marsh Collection of European engravings, the Institution's first acquired collection and the nation's first public print collection. Through the story of the Marsh Collection, the book explores the cultural values attributed to prints in the 19th century, including their role in expositions and their influence on visual culture. The history of this first Smithsonian collection enlivens the development of American cultural identity and the formation of the Smithsonian as a national institution.

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Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Mammals: Orders Didelphimorphia through Chiroptera (excluding Rodentia) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, no. 644

By Robert D. Fisher and Craig A. Ludwig

The type collection of Recent Mammals in the Division of Mammals, Smithsonian Institution, contains 820 specimens bearing names of 809 species-group taxa of Didelphimorphia through Chiroptera, excluding Rodentia, as of June 2014. This catalog presents an annotated list of these holdings comprised of 788 holotypes, 26 lectotypes, 11 syntypes (22 specimens), and 4 neotypes.

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Every Stamp Tells a Story: The National Philatelic Collection

Edited by Cheryl R. Ganz with M. T. Sheahan

Every stamp and piece of mail has a story to tell: how it came to be; who created it; where it traveled; and the tales of politics, biography, geography, disaster, and triumph that explain why it has endured. Every Stamp Tells a Story is a treasury of these philatelic tales and a curator-led tour of the highlights of the remarkable objects in the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery of the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum.

book cover

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