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Flora of Guaramacal (Venezuela): Monocotyledons

Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, no. 100

By L. J. Dorr

Taxonomy of monocotyledons in Guaramacal National Park in the Venezuelan Andes, in forest and paramo at 1600–3100 m elevations, treating 25 families, 135 genera, 315 species. Most diversity is in Orchidaceae (147 species), Poaceae (57 species), Cyperaceae (28 species); 20 species currently known only from Guaramacal may be endemic. Four new combinations: Cyperus hortensis (Salzm. ex Steud.) Dorr; Acronia archidiaconi (Ames) Carnevali & G.A. Romero; Crocodeilanthe gelida (Lindl.) Carnevali & I. Ramirez; Fernandezia schultesii (L.O.Williams) Carnevali & Dorr.

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Unexpected—Earthquake 2011: Lessons to Be Learned

Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation, no. 4

Edited by A. Elena Charola, Corine Wegener, and Robert J. Koestler

The 2011 earthquake in the Washington, D.C., area caused damage in several Smithsonian buildings. Secretary G. Wayne Clough’s summary opens the volume, which documents the damages, post-seismic stabilization, and conservation measures at the Castle; at a historic house on SERC property; and in collections and structures in the National Museum of Natural History and the Museum Support Center. Recommendations are offered for measures to be implemented based on experience gained.

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Beyond Grief: Sculpture and Wonder in the Gilded Age Cemetery

By Cynthia Mills

Through the stories of four families seeking to memorialize their lost loved ones, the book explores high-style funerary sculptures and their meanings at the turn of the twentieth century. Though many scholars have overlooked these monuments, this book recognizes and considers them as objects of consolation, power, and multisensory mystery and wonder. The book traces the monuments' creation, influence, and reception in an effort to understand how survivors used cemetery memorials as a vehicle to mourn and remember.

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Smithsonian Plant Collections, the Guianas: 1991–1993, and 1995–2000, Bruce Hoffman

Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, no. 101

By Sara N. Alexander, Bruce Hoffman, Carol L. Kelloff, and V. A. Funk

This book provides Bruce Hoffman's notes collected on trips, with maps in chronological order. Part II lists collection localities, with collection number ranges, habitat descriptions, geographic coordinates, and assisting collectors. Part III list collections in numerical order with identifications and authors. Part IV lists collections ordered by determined name.

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